Is your dog a hitchin’ pup?

SAN MARCOS, Texas – OH MY! I think I may have found the best place in town to bring my pup, Elsie, on a hot Texas day.

Right off the well-known San Marcos Square, lies a food truck park called The Hitch. The Hitch contains six different food trucks with an array of gourmet food to choose from. The coolest part of all, is that The Hitch is pet-friendly! They even call the dogs that come by “hitchin’ pups!”

IMG_5543But wait, it gets better. One of the food trucks, called Mambo Freeze, is a snow-cone stand and they serve Pup-Cones! Now what is a Pup-Cone, you may ask? It is shaved ice, chicken broth and yummy treats to top-it-off! My pup absoluetly loved it. We have been back many times since then and it never fails to get Elsie spinnin’ in circles!

As a plus, it’s within a mile radius of the San Marcos Dog Park and the San Marcos River. Sounds like a perfect bonding day with your furry friend, if ya ask me! Give it a try and let me know what ya think.

Much Ruv,