About me – Kristen Lavone

Hey ya’ll, so if you’re wondering who this crazy dog lady is.. let me fill ya in! I’m a Texas girl, born and raised in Fort Worth. Ever since I can remember I’ve been wild about animals – so much so that in 7th grade I decided to become a vegetarian? I know, I am a weird one.. I was a veggie-head for about four years, then I suddenly came to my senses. I now am meat-eater but my passion for animals never altered.


So something many people may not know about me is that after my freshmen year at Texas State University, I dropped out. My major at the time was Animal Science to become a Veterinary Technician, except science was not my friend, therefore I quit the whole “school thing” and chose a different route. I found out that I could do exactly what I wanted to do by getting my Veterinary Assistant license, so I got accepted into Animal Behavior College and did just that – I went to school to get my license. However, once I started working at an Animal Hospital it wasn’t for me. I learned a lot and had fun, but I wanted more. So here I am back at school.. majoring in public relations and I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited for my future!

My family is in the restaurant business, therefore I grew up around customer service and PR work. Public relations is something I’ve always loved doing but never realized it could be a career path. Now that it is, I will never go back. Although I love animals, public relations is where I belong. So that’s how you find me here.. blogging about all the puppy dogs in my life and everything I’ve learned along the way. Because who says you can’t be passionate about two things?

Much ruv,



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