too much ruv

I never imagined myself to be much of a blogger, (If ya’ll weren’t aware, I created this blog for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class at Texas State University) and in the beginning, I honestly can say it made me nervous. You know, putting my thoughts in writing out there for the digital world to see. In the past, if I had to write an essay, I was very particular on who I let proof read it because writing is very personal to me. However, now it’s like I’m a new person. I’ve had an awesome experience blogging and it was incredible to see all of the analytics behind the scenes – whether it be from social media or here on WordPress.

It blows my mind how social media allows you to reach so many people. My most popular week was in the beginning of October (10/5-10/11). In that week I had 136 views and 105 visits to my blog. The most popular post of the year was my “Eh, I don’t want my dog anymore” post. It received 123 views and I think the dramatic title is what pulled more people in. It was really surprising to me that the Sites Stat Data even showed what region the people who were viewing your post came from – two people were viewing from France and Germany!!! I mean, how crazy is that!

Like mentioned above, the tool I found most effective was to share my blog posts to as many social media platforms as possible. Although, I found that Twitter didn’t give me very much interaction; Facebook brought in a lot of my views. In the future I hope to improve on being more of a storyteller, while still being informative. Overall this experience has benefitted me in many ways: It has given me additional practice, which makes me more confident in my writing, while it also gives future employers a chance to get to know me more on a personal level.


Although my class has come to an end, I still intend on posting as frequently as possible so stay tuned! I have too much ruv to let you guys go!

Much ruv,