Why you should keep your dog on a leash

Let me fill you in on the my biggest pet peeve ever..

Have you ever been walking your dog (on their leash, of course) and a dog comes from around the corner or across the park at full speed to “greet” your dog? This kind of thing drives me bonkers!!

Let me tell ya my perspective on the issue.

dogs on leashTo begin, this does not apply to the few people who own dogs that have gone through advanced training and no matter if they see another dog, they will stay at your side. This is to those who have your dog off leash – and don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re good dogs – but as soon as they see a dog, they bombard the other pup. Please take a second and imagine how the dog on the leash feels. First, it makes them feel inferior. A dog who is sniffing, jumping and running circles around a dog who is on a leash does not make most leashed dogs very happy. Secondly, you never know how the dog on the leash is going to react. The owner may have his or her dog on a leash because the dog is very dog-aggressive. Not to mention, you never know when something may catch your pup’s eye across the parking lot or street while a car is heading the same direction.

Therefore, in my opinion, I don’t find it worth it to have your dog off-leash. I believe that it is for the safety of your dog and others that they are kept safe on a leash at all times. I hope that I brought a different perspective to at least a single person, because I mean really, nobody wants their furry friend getting hurt! And to those of you who fall victim of this issue, I received a lot of helpful tips from Paws Abilities blog.. I definitely encourage y’all to give it a read!

Much ruv,



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