Party Pup to Babysitter

So I was sitting on my back patio eating breakfast with my pup by my side and I noticed that her head is beginning to get a few grey hairs.. Hm, I thought. My pup, Elsie, will be turning 3 in December so I think it’s a lil early for her to start getting gray hairs! So I began thinking..  I thought about her life.. then my life… and everything that she is going to experience with me, and it about blew my mind!

According to Pet MD, the average medium sized dog probably lives to be about 11 years old. And I mean, I thought about how permanent getting a dog was when I adopted her – but dang, I can’t even comprehend what I’ll be up to in 11 years!

PersonIMG_1261ally, I have never really sat and thought about everything Elsie will be in my life for. Getting a dog in college means that every big thing that happens in your life, your dog will be right there next to you. They start out the party/study pup through college, then eventually they’ll be taking wedding pictures with you and your fiancé and we all know what’s next.. kids, your best furry-friend will be getting tiny human friends! Can you imagine?

I don’t think many people think about how long of a commitment a dog is when they adopt. I did, but then I didn’t. I didn’t think about if this dog would be good with my future children, especially since I am currently in college, not having that in my mind.. AT ALL! Although, now I definitely think that it is worth thinking about before someone adopts, so think about it people!! A dog isn’t a birthday or Christmas present; you don’t get rid of them when life gets hard or busy. They’re your best friend – they’re man’s best friend – treat them that way. Your dog is going to be there for you through think and thin.

Much ruv,



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